Trekking mountain gorillas in Uganda and Rwanda is a rare experience, You can book a private trip or join our weekly and monthly gorilla trips.

Uganda Gorilla Safaris

Uganda Safari Travel Tips

Travel tips

Entry Visa fees

Obtaining a visa for Uganda, you can get it upon arrival at the airport or border entry, the cost of the visa is USD:50 per person, and this last for 30 – 90 days according to the purpose. On good news, we can send you a letter of recommendation, you print it and present it on arrival. Also there are forex exchange offices, ATM facilities and mobile money offices. NB: For tourists, you can obtain East African tourist visa at only USD 100. valid accross these countries of Uganda, Rwanda, and Kenya especially if you plan to do a combined safari to Uganda with two or more countries mentioned above.

Passport Validity

A valid passport atleast for 5months ahead, is mandatory and a visa requirement should be checked before you travel to Uganda. NB: You can get a recommendation letter from us to assist you when applying for Tourism visa to Uganda, at the Uganda Embassy in your home country. OR, you can apply for Uganda visa online, link: OR you can apply and obtain the Uganda visa upon arrival at the Uganda Entebbe airport (Immigration department).

Health and Vaccination

A certificate of Yellow fever vaccination is required upon arrival. All visitors should take malaria prophylactic drugs. It is also advisable to drink bottled water rather than tap water while on a Uganda safari. Wear insect repellant while in the jungle forests, to avoid insect bites.

What to wear (clothes)

Day time temperatures are generally warm to hot so bring lots of light clothing, evenings are cooler, especially at high attitudes, so carry a couple of light sweaters too. Those who intend to hike on the mountains will be exposed to alpine temperatures and should pack accordingly. Solid walking shoes and sturdy clothing are ideal for forest walks. Do not forget to bring a hat, sunglasses and water proof jackets. The clothes you select are of prior importance since they will determine your comfort and enjoyment of your safari as a whole. If you intend to take a wildlife safari take special note that blend in well with the environment. Therefore wear dull and muted colors like olive, beige, brown, green and khaki. Some seasons are wetter than others therefore it is advisable to carry some rain gear with you on especially a gorilla safari. Evenings are colder especially at high altitudes therefore carry a couple of light sweaters as well. On hiking safaris make sure you carry a lot of warm clothes since you will be exposed to alpine temperatures. Sturdy walking shoes, a hat, sun glasses and water proof jackets are ideal for trekking safaris.

Driving in Uganda

Uganda drives on the left side. Visitors without experience of African roads are advised to stick to the drivers & vehicles organized by tour operator company OR (Uganda car hire ) service providers.

Money used in Uganda (Currency)

The unit of currency used in Uganda is the Uganda Shillings. Though the US Dollar is the preferred hard currency to most tourism service providers such as hotels, tour operators, taxi cubs and lodges. The Euro and Pound sterling are also widely accepted. Hard currency cash can be exchanged for local currency at banks and private bureau de change in large towns. Traveler’s cheques are not widely accepted out side Kampala. Local currency can be withdrawn against visa cards, and other major credit cards at selected ATMs in Kampala, Entebbe International Airport and in a few large towns. A few hotels and safari lodges accept American Express cards.

Tips and Tipping

There is no standard format of tipping in Uganda, or what to tip or how much to tip per day. But as a sign of appreciation to reservation personnel, drivers, guides, hotelians or any other, you can offer any small or big item such as money, camera, binocular, clothes, shoes, phone, ipad or anything out of your interest. This can be done upon arrival as a suprise to the reservation person OR at the end of trip for the driver-guide respectively.

Hotel Booking in Uganda

On this note, we strongly recommend any one who wish to tour in Uganda, Rwanda, Kenya or Tanzania and Burundi to use tour operator companies for their tour and hotel booking. The good news is that Gorilla Uganda Bookings is a lienced tour company that is registered and a member of Uganda tour operators. Therefore we can arrange and book your tour itinerary together with selected hotels of good reviews and hospitality that will give you maximum comfort.

Gorilla permit Booking

If you are planning to trekk gorillas in Uganda, the sole authority is Uganda Wildlife Authority based in Kampala city. However tour operator companies like Gorilla Bookings are fully authorised to buy and book on behalf of clients/guests/people who wish to visit the gorillas in the bwindi forest South West of Uganda. Note that: due to East African intergration, tour companies in Uganda, can buy gorilla permits for trekking gorillas in Rwanda, and equally tour companies in Rwanda can buy gorilla permits for trekking gorillas in Uganda.

The capital city of Uganda

“Kampala” is the capital city of Uganda. It is 40 kms away from Entebbe International Airport. The capital city is said to be built on seven hills and these are Nakasero hill, Mengo Hill, Kibuli Hill, Namirembe Hill, Rubaga Hill, Nsambya Hill and Old Kampala Hill. These are historically important to the country’s religions, culture and the economy as well as settlement pattern.

When to visit Uganda – In Uganda, any time is visitation time though mountain hikes, gorilla tracking and other forest walks are more challenging during the rains which generally peak over mid September to November and March to May.


Uganda can be accessed by land from Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania. However the main entrance to Uganda is by air transport using a number of Regional and International airlines, such as Kenya Airways, SN Brussels, KLM, British Airways, South African Airways. Qatar, Turkish, Egypt Airways, Ethiopian Airways, Rwanda Air Express, etc, all these arrive at Entebbe airport, However, you can arrive in Kenya, Rwanda or Tanzania and depart from Uganda. In the same way, you can arrive in Uganda, and after the combined trip depart from the neighbouring countries.

Language used in Uganda

Educated Ugandans are generally fluent in English, which is the official language. However of the 30 plus different indigenous languages, Luganda as a local language is the most widely used across the country.

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