Well set on Biku hill, Bethel church also known as the eighth prayer station or house of prayer Church has an exalting design that will usher your journey to its climax. At its entrance, are twelve windows representing 12 tribes of Israel. The ceiling has seven beams representing the seven colors of the rainbow, that is symbolic of Gods promise never to destroy his people with floods. Standing at the Eastern window, you will see the cross, well set at prayer station 2 and a  glance at it reminds all worshippers to perpetually search for the Savior. The foundation which consumed 79 bags of cement was set to last for over 500 years. The main chapel built as a replica of the map of Africa has two entrances and can hold up to 400 pilgrims in one seating.


The building has ten windows symbolic of the Ten Commandments, a reminder to pilgrims to meditate on the law of the lord. The third prayer station capitalizes on praying for all African countries, particularly Islamic countries.  As the suns’ rays began to course through the thick canopies of the forest trees, we walked to an out-sized restful garden. At its 3 tips were prayer stations four, 5 and 6. Prayer  station four is formed sort of a heart as a signal of Christ’s love and encompasses a cross product of thirty three stones to indicate the thirty three years of Jesus’ life. Prayer station 5 is within the form of an arrow-head to indicate the speed of the youth.  Prayer station 5 has sixty six windows representing the books of the bible: thirty-nine windows at the rear end, for the Old Testament and twenty seven windows on the front, for the New Testament. Its 3 doors within the form of a person standing, representing people who square measure equipped with the word of God. Prayer station six was given the form of an altar, as an affidavit to the actual fact that the church is a living offering to Christ’s mission. Rough stones on the cross signify that Christians are true “living stones”. #VisitUganda on a faith trip!

Biku Hill church is one of the global icons that pilgrims should visit before death. We have organized a special faith trip for all saints that cover significant Christian monuments around the country. Visit Uganda with RAK SAFARIS for the best faith safari experience.

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