The Owl Faced Guenon

Uganda is known to be home to several primate species with Kibale National Park being habitat to the highest primate density in all of Africa, this makes every day is a primate day while on a safari in Uganda. RAK Safaris has over the years mastered the business of offering primate safaris in Uganda, Rwanda and Congo, taking you through different forests to enjoy refreshing glances at rare species of primates that include; Black-and-white colobus monkey, Ugandan red colobus monkey, Ugandan red-tailed monkey and blue monkey, Golden monkey, Grey-cheeked mangabey, Olive baboon, Patas monkey, L’hoest monkey, Chimpanzee, Mountain gorilla.

The Hamlyn’s monkey also known as the owl-faced monkey, is a species of Old World monkey that inhabits the bamboo and primary rainforests of the Congo. This species is exceedingly rare and known only from a few specimens; little is known about it. However these specimens tend to be widely dispersed throughout the eastern part of Congo, from the Epulu River to the Lukuga River, from the Congo River to the Kibale Forest, with one example in northwestern Rwanda. It geographically corresponds quite closely with yet another species of monkey, L’Hoest’s monkey. It travels on the ground, and research points to this species as being noctal.


  • An unusual-looking monkey with large, round head
  • A triangular face and large eyes give it a somewhat owl-like appearance.
  • The name ‘guenon’ is given to a group of monkeys with distinctive ‘moustaches’, light nose spots or striped sideburns.
  • The owl-faced guenon has a silky, olive coat, a black face with a yellowish patch above the brow, and a thin, white stripe running down the nose.
  • The long tail is ash-grey and ends in a black tassel, and the rear end and scrotum of the guenon are bright blue.
  • The males are typically larger than the females.
  • The average body length for an adult male ranges between 50-56 cm and an average weight range from 7-10kg.
  • The females have an average body length range from 40-55cm and weight from 4.5-6kg.


  • The owl-faced guenon is thought to be largely terrestrial, spending most of its time on the ground and has two peaks of daily activity; one in the early morning, and then again in the late afternoon or evening.
  • Living in small groups with a single male, the owl-faced guenon is apparently territorial, but vigilantly avoids serious conflicts with neighboring groups.
  • This omnivorousmonkey feeds on fruit, insects and leaves, it’s fairly large incisors are perfect for biting into fruit, and the flatter molars are suited to crushing and grinding hard seeds.
  • It also possesses cheek pouches, the advantages of which are twofold: in areas where competition for fruit is intense, the monkey can grab as much food as possible before being supplanted by another hungry monkey, and at the same time, enzymes in the saliva help break down toxic compounds in unripe fruits and seeds stored in the pouches.
  • These monkeys live averagely for27 years


  • A predominantly terrestrial species found in lowland and mid-montane tropical moist forest and montane bamboo forest. These monkeys stay within an elevation of 900-4554m.


  • The gestation period usually lasts between 5-6months and females usually bare one offspring at a time however on rare occasions twins may occur. There is an average of 2 years interval after every birth. The young ones are born with a pink face that disappears with maturity.

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