As Tourism stakeholders, there is need to appreciate the fact that primates are a vital product and selling point for Uganda’s tourism Sector. Uganda has for long been referred to as the “Pearl of Africa”, well, this is courtesy of rich fauna and flora and believe me you primates significantly feature on the list of must see things for anyone visiting Uganda.

For your information, if you randomly asked any traveler within and outside the African Continent about Uganda they will precisely describe her as a primate destination, save other stories like the longest river (The Nile), Queen Elizabeth National Park and a history marred with senseless political turmoil and instability. This description clearly points to the role of primates in Uganda’s thriving tourism Sector.

As a traveler or player in the rather lucrative tourism business, take a moment to imagine doing or selling that itinerary devoid of a primate destination around Uganda. It comes short of that excitement of tracking the gentle varying primates.

The government of Uganda through various Agency reports admits that the tourism industry is a dependable contributor to National GDP hence any measure of threat to survival of any tourism product has to precisely and decisively be dealt with. With the rampant human activities of poaching and deforestation among others, there is need for concerted collective effort to salvage and conserve the numerous endangered primate species.


At RAK SAFARIS, we value and honor any conservation efforts geared towards continued existence of gorillas, Chimpanzees and other primates in their natural habitats of Bwindi, Mgahinga, Kibale, Kyambura, Ngamba Island, Uganda Wildlife Education Center and other areas respectively. Appreciation goes out to government and Non-Government Organizations that have dedicated their time, skills and resources to protect the homes and ensure welfare of Primates in Uganda.

As part of our CSR and responsible tourism activities, we are committed to supporting our primates’ survival through voluntary financial contribution to partners charged with the primate conservation burden by committing a dollar per booking to any primate destination in Uganda.

Don’t you find losing a home terribly disturbing? Together let’s defend primates and their habitats.

We again appreciate efforts of organizations like; WWF, WCS, IUCN, JGI, Ngamba island chimpanzee Sanctuary, Ecotrust, Uganda Wildlife Society and many others.

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