Gorilla Safari Tours

Gorilla safari tour is a unique opportunity to see the largest, most majestic, and sadly, the rarest of all apes; the mountain gorilla. Only 950 of these magnificent creatures remain in the world, and more than half of these are found in Uganda. A gorilla watching holiday is an awesome experience and a major part of any Ugandan safari. We highly recommend it.

Mountain gorillas are only found in the forested mountain region of Uganda, Rwanda and the D.R.C.Tours operate in both these countries, but gorilla watching holidays commonly form part of an inclusive Ugandan safari. We offer the best of gorilla trekking Africa. Whether you require a gorilla safari tour in Uganda, a gorilla watching holiday in Rwanda, or a complete safari with gorilla trekking included, we are happy to guide.


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Mountain gorillas only survive in their natural habitat. No zoos, no parks, no where else – a gorilla safari tour is the only way to see them. Only a few gorilla families have been habituated for humans to visit. Gorilla trekking Africa is limited to Uganda and Rwanda. Trekking or tracking? They’re the same thing and may involve serious hiking. A gorilla tour Uganda or Rwanda can be a strenuous but rewarding activity. Gorillas tend to stay in the shady forest and because flash photography isn’t permitted don’t expect amazing photos. Gorilla permits currently cost US $700 and a large part of this goes back into protecting these magnificent creatures. Unfortunately gorilla watching holidays don’t come cheap.



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