Civil Aviation Authority, a Success Catalyst for Uganda’s Tourism sector

Tourism has graduated into Uganda’s hot cake over the recent years. And thus it’s credible for us to recommend that Civil Aviation Authority should avail a helping hand to the ministry of Tourism Wildlife and Antiquities and other associate bodies. Tourism stands an established pillar that feeds the sumptuous demands-acclaims, from the divergent sectors of government in the national budget. Besides, we must appreciate that nature endowed Uganda with a multitude of natural wealth ranging from exceptionally fertile soils to biodiversity where tourism feeds in. Uganda contributes up to 11% of the world’s bird species, 50% of Africa’s bird species and 75% of East Africa’s bird species. It also presents considerable percentages when it comes to mammal species for instance; the mountain gorillas and even the endemic bird and animal species. Uganda has varied and unique vegetation types that not only create conducive eco-systems for species but also create fine scenery master pieces for the tourist’s eye. Tourism contributed to sh6, 171.5b ($1.8b), according to the travel and tourism economic impact in 2017 in Uganda by the World Travel and Tour Council. Tourism is the back bone of Uganda’s economy today but on other hand, it faces several challenges which range from obvious cases to seemingly harder challenges. And this draws that it needs a “CAA REMEDY”.

In a recent newspaper post, Uganda was listed among other six countries in Africa with growing potential to experience a high traffic of passengers due to many factors for instance; the presence of the UN base at Entebbe, the discovery of oil in Hoima and the plans to construct an air field in Home for that purpose and for domestic flights. In addition, Uganda is a relatively peaceful country has enjoyed this relativity over the past 32 years, currently “She” is playing a big role in peacekeeping in Somalia, Central African republic and Southern Sudan. Uganda’s international passenger flow was recorded at 1, 1511,207 and signified a 7.8% increase of international travel (inflow and out flow). The domestic passenger flow was recorded at 18,824 reflecting an increase of 32.9% of such travel. Uganda has one major airport and thirteen other airstrips; 6 of which are firmly situated in of her famed national parks, particularly; Kidepo, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison falls. The rest are located in towns, a few kilometers away. And these are of great significancy to tourism travel in the country and when they are treated with neglect of budget or attention, its suffocates the flourishing tourism business which apparently, Uganda can barely do without.

The domestic flight terminal at Entebbe International Airport (EIA) needs to be improved on to help carry out more domestic flights. The CAA can then partner with the different air craft operators in the country and engage in a promotion campaign to interest more Ugandans to visit tourist attractions and in effect help increase tourists in Uganda and revenues of the country. The CAA should have plans to develop a second international Airport and improve on the condition of the various 13 air fields in Uganda which will be of importance, especially in developing the tourism sector within the country and help increase the safari tours in the country.

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